Beautiful Ocean Jasper Giraffe Hand Carved Crystal Art

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Hand carved Ocean Jasper Crystal animal art!!

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Beautiful Ocean Jasper Giraffe Hand Carved Crystal Art

This intellectual and majestic animal has been around for centuries and has many and varied spiritual quality’s.

If you have this wonderful creature as your spirit guide, your life quality’s can be significantly great.

Some guided ability’s include:

  • looking outside the square
  • in sync with your own intuition
  • gentle and kind to self
  • aware of who you are and where you would like to be
  •  have the ability to always be a child at heart
  • + much much more

All of the above attributes are very similar when we speak about the incredible  healing stone that our Beautiful Ocean Jasper Giraffe is made from.

Ocean Jasper is one of those unique crystals that allows you to open up your auric field and complete full meditations to be able to get completely back to your own core/self.

It’s a very soft, gentle energy healing stone and if used with the right intention can assist with all sort of mental health issues as well as many other ailments.

Apart from the spiritual side of this piece of hand carved crystal art  it would make~

  • a  wonderful addition in any ones meditation room as well as being the perfect gift for some one with a spiritual mind
  • an unusual and unique collectable for a crystal collector
  • or an animal lover
  • any one that loves or is drawn to the Giraffe
  • those that adore the colour green

Approximate measurements are: 23 cm tall, 20 cm wide & 6 cm deep. He weighs in at nearly 1.5kg

If you are local  to Flora Hill (Bendigo) Vic and you would like to pick him up, please let us know so we can make a time with you!!

Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 18 cm


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