Buddhist Meditation Prayer Mats


Buddhist / Meditation Prayer Mats ~ 1 is a tradition meditation cushion and 1 is a prayer mat.The cushion~ well padded The mat~ a wonderful Tangerine colour


Mats For Meditation or Prayer Time

Buddhist Meditation Prayer Mats ~

  • One is a  tradition prayer mat for buddhists and all of these people that love to pray in the tradition way

(on their knees or in a lotus position).

A beautiful Tangerine colour, it has a fully removable cover so that it is able to be kept clean.

Approx: 49 c, x 48 cm.

  • The Second one is a meditation cushion.

It is perfect for any that wishes to perform meditation in the lotus position (sitting).

This cushion can also be great to kneel on for long periods as it is extremely comfortable with its extra padding.

Approx 41 cm x 20 cm.

Yoga has been used as a form of relaxation for centuries and by many different people from all walks of life.

  • High profile executives use yoga as a way of “chilling out” after a hard mentally challenging day,
  • Sports men and women use yoga before and after a big day of physical energy and pressures
  • even your average housewife or husband uses this beautiful calming technique to “distress and unwind”
I have read that a lot of actors use Yoga so that they can “clear their minds” of everyday life.
Or to be  able to concentrate on their new roles.
For those that are a spiritually minded Yoga or meditation could be part of your daily routines ready
to start the day fresh.
Make yourself a little more comfortable today and help your body with our fantastic ~ Buddhist Meditation Prayer Mats today.
Pick up is available from Epsom (Bendigo) Victoria or we are at the Bendigo Showgrounds Market every Sunday, if you would like to pick up from there please let us know so that we can bring them along.
                                              Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏

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Round Tangerine Prayer Mat, Yoga or Meditation Mat

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