Jizo of Happiness and Friendship Statue

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Baby Soul Keeper Of Comfort

Jizo of Happiness and Friendship + much more.

When someone loses a child their world is often shattered leaving them feeling devastated.

Most of us have no words of comfort that will fill the huge whole in their world at this time of their grieving process.

In Japan (and other countries) the Jizo statue is usually given as a gift of comfort to a parent who has lost a child.

Particularly to a mother that has miscarried.
A Jizo would be given as a gift to ensure the parent that their baby’s soul is in a safe place, will be cared for and that

no harm would become of it.

A gift of compassion and sincerity can be an emotional lift for someone in need so that they can begin to move on.

This particular statue is standing with his hands folded in front as a sign of humbleness.

He is gazing directly with eyes open as in meditation and prayer with such a peaceful expression.

When I walk past and see this beautiful Jizo statue I can’t help, but look at him and feel warm inside and have a wonderful contentment feeling.

His other attributes include ~

  • caring
  • relaxation
  • warmth
  • love
  • kindness and in layman’s terms she helps you to “slow down and smell the roses”.

Our Jizo of Happiness and Friendship Statue  will make the perfect gift for someone that is ~

  • of soft nature
  • placed in a mediation room
  • or for any one that practices Buddhism or has any other spiritual beliefs.

We hope our items bring much comfort to those in need.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏


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