Lord Shiva Key Rings ~ Hindu God Gifts


Lord Shiva Key Rings ~ Representing Healing & Freedom of Suffering + much more.


The Most Powerful God of Hinduism

Lord Shiva Key Rings ~ He represents

  • Healing
  • Freedom of Suffering
  • Fertility
  • + much more

Now carry this all powerful god of Hinduism more easily and all of the time.

In Hinduism, Shiva is depicted in many forms and is known as the Destroyer, Creator and Regenerator.

He is the husband of Parvati and the father of Ganesha (destroyer of obstacles).

Also Shiva  is the

  • patron god of Yoga
  • Meditation and Arts

Nandi (the bull) was Shiva’s vehicle (mode of transportation) often fighting along side Shiva in his many battles.

There was a mutual respect and admiration for each other between man and beast.

Our Lord Shiva Key Rings offer any other way of keeping protected by the great god as he can be carried

around on a key ring or you could use him as a hanging in your car or home.

Made of metal they hang approximately ~ 7 cm in length and are  about 3 cm wide.

Chose between a Bust (picture) , or both keyrings (coloured graphic and bust).

Pick up is available from Long Gully (Bendigo) Victoria (Australia) or we are at the Bendigo Show Grounds Market most Sunday’s ~ please send us a message through to organize a time.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏


Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 6 cm

Two Key Rings, Bust, Coloured Graphic

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