Samantabhadra Buddhist Deity & Elephant Statue

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Samantabhadra ~ known for kindness ,happiness and the creation of the ten vows + much more!!

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A Buddhist Deity Sitting On An Elephant Statue ~ Samantabhadra

Samantabhadra Buddhist Deity  & Elephant Statue ~ Universally extending great Virtue.

If you study the gentle religion of Buddhism  chances are you would have heard or been among the millions

of people and worshipped this wonderful and selfless god.

In Buddhist cultures, Samantabhadra is known for his kindness ,happiness, and the creation of the ten vows,

for all bodhisattvas, along with many more attributes.

You will often see him riding a six tusked elephant  and what he stands for and practices is ~

  1. charity
  2. morality
  3. patience
  4. diligence
  5. contemplation
  6.  wisdom

It is made from Resin & Stone (solid not hollow), it also comes with its own spiritual significance tag.

This statue may be small, but what he represents is all about goodness and being kind to oneself

+ much more,

it would be a fantastic gift for someone special of look wonderful in your home/ office.

You could also place it at your alter.

Approx. measurements are: 11 cm high,7.5 cm wide & 4 cm deep.

Pick up is available from Epsom (Bendigo) Victoria or we are at the Bendigo Showgrounds Market every Sunday, if you would like to pick up from there please let us know so that we can bring them along.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏




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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 12 cm

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